Technical Info

Trellis self staking

Gable Height 2800mm Door Position on Front 3.0m, Side 7.0m Door Height on Front 3.0m 1900mm Door Height on Side 7.0m 1730mm Door Width Single/ Double 820mm/ 1630mm Minimum Install Area 3.8X7.8m Internal Width (front) 2870mm Internal Length (side depth) 6800mm NE1 Window Size (wxh) 490mmX610mm NC2 Window Size (wxh) 980mmX610mm


Trellis self staking

3.0X7.0m “Rock Hard” Wendy with Partition with windows 2.0m Wall height 3 NC2 windows 1 NE1 window in the Bathroom Partition Wall paint included in standard colours