Wendys with Partitions

R13,980.00R36,000.00 Inc. VAT


Important information

Wendy House Sizes

All sizes quoted are on nominal roof dimension
Please refer to minimum install area above per size
Measurement of available space is important and must meet or be bigger than the minimum install area.
Ensuring you have enough space will help to avoid failed install charges.

Window Sizes

NE1 window (Width X Height): 490 X 610 mm
NE2 window (Width X Height): 980 X 610 mm
NC2 window (Width X Height): 980 X 900 mm

Door Sizes

Single Door (Width X Height): 820X1730mm
Double Door (Width X Height): 1630X1730mm

Delivery & Installation Requirements

400mm needed all round for installation
Ground to be fairly level with no obstructions, plants, trees, rubble
Gradient of ground not to exceed 300mm
No water or electrical installation to be under wendy house
No overhead obstructions
Municipal and Estate regulations is the responsibility of the property owner
Please ensure person on site knows where you would like to wendy house installed

Standard Features Included

  • Fully framed panel structure with SABS structural timber
  • High grade “Rock Hard” cladding
  • Heavy duty treated floor
  • Steel window frames
  • Glass and putty included, putty is not painted
  • Full Hard corrugated iron roof material
  • Well braced door with lockable pad-bolt
  • Screws used for framing not nails
  • Wall paint included in standard colour
  • Delivery up to 60km
  • Delivery includes bricks for levelling and glazing of windows
  • Prices include VAT