Wendy House Centre Standard Features Illustrated

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  • High Grade, Low Maintenance "Rock Hard" cladding
  • "Rock Hard" cladding with super insulator properties
  • Termite resistant, fire & water proof cladding
  • H2 CCA Pressure treated, SABS Structural Grade timber framing
  • Floor joists and beams have a 15 year anti-rot guarantee
  • Heavy duty treated floor
  • Laminated and braced "Rock Hard" doors
  • Glazed Steel Windows, do not swell
  • Corrugated Iron Roof.
  • Painted in a choice of standard colours
  • No annual treatment needed
  • Anti-Rust fasteners used
  • Screws not nails used for framing and joining
  • All sizes quoted are on nominal roof dimension
  • Delivery includes installation up to 50km
  • Extra mileage charge available to 150km
  • Prices include VAT
  • Capacity for large volume orders
  • Glass, putty, and bricks included in delivered price