Wendy Houses

Our "Rock Hard" Wendy Houses are engineered to give you practical, quality and solidly built wendy's.

wendy house

Tool & Storage Sheds

Our "Rock Hard" Tool & Storage Sheds provide quality, practical yet attractive storage solutions.

tool and storage shed


Our "Rock Hard" Wendy Houses with or without partitions are the simple solution for additional accommodation needs.


Guard Houses

Our "Rock Hard" Guard Houses cater for all security needs. Protecting your security guards from all elements.

guard house

Play Houses

Our luxury "Rock Hard" Play Houses provide a safe environment for building childhood memories.

play houses

Pet Houses

Our "Rock Hard" Pet Houses provide the perfect home for man's best friend. Popular with breeders and pet hotels.


Town House Tool Sheds

Our "Rock Hard" Town House Tool Sheds are designed for town houses and complexes with height restrictions.


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